Dr. Bita Saleh: Well Referred Dentist Method: Energy Psychology, Dreams, Intuition, Empath : Session 23


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Today we have a very special guest who is not only a dentist, but an author, a certified professional Co-active coach and a Business Consultant. She is Dr. Bita Saleh. 

Today we will talk about what guest calls it as the Fearless Way Method and I was referring to it in the podcast as the Well referred dentist method, the book by the same name- well referred dentist by Dr. Bita Saleh 

To understand what we talk today, please keep an open mind and a little patience. Tt does get easier to understand as we move forward. I would agree that it is a pretty dense podcast embarking on energy psychology, dreams, intuition, fears, anxiety, limiting beliefs and so on.

We go in detail about this matter and discuss the veracity usefulness both in a “left-brain statistical kind of away” and “right brain imagination kind of way”.

You would probably have to read her book to get the full understanding but I’ve done the work for you and I tried to ask all the questions that my audience might ask. 
We talked about implementing this method in your office, what to do, how to do it and of course  its usefulness. 

As usual Tim Ferris Inspired Questions brings out the hidden gems about the guest and the process of course. 

We talked about TM, her morning ritual, what other changes did she observe by doing TM for all these years and so on 

It is indeed a different kind of a podcast since it tries to expand your horizon in a very powerful way.
There is some food for thought and indeed some fun moments.

I was not sure if I would be able to ask relevant questions but she is an empath and at the end it was indeed a rewarding experience. 

please enjoy doctor Dr. Bita Saleh from Well Referred Dentist. 

As usual All links and podcasts are available at Podcastsofdentistry.com/session23 and Podcastsofdentistry.com/Bita.

So without further Ado doctor Bita Saleh

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Show Notes:

  • 1. “Teacher of Heart” Concept
  • 2. What exercises a dentist can do to learn the process of “loving the patients regardless of how they show up” 
  • 3. Centred Vs Compartmentalized?
  • 4.Application of the methods in the boook does not erases the traumatic events but instead erases the emotional signal attached to the memory eliminating the disturbance of energy flow in the energetic field.
  • 5. Muscle Testing : Truth/not
  • 6. Bring all this information together
  • 7. What is your turning point to get into the Well Referred Dentist Method
  • 8.  Who is your tarfget audience for this Well Referred Dentist Method
  • 9: 4 Minute Protocol 
  • 10 How do we convince patient to do this 4 minute protocol in the ofice and how can we sell it to the patient or non believers?
  • 11: How do you account for the placebo effect
  • 12: Effect on Malpractice if we implement that
  • 13: How do you convince the rest of the team members to come on board to implement this well referred Dentist method
  • 14 where can they learn this tech?
  • 15 are you the only one teaching this tech?
  • 16 Teledentistry session 
  • 17 Intuition and Self Esteem
  • 18 why was this distinction important for me? 
  • 19 Muscle testing and Intuition
  • 20 muscle testing on yourself
  • 21 any other ways for improving the whisper or intuition?
  • 22 Dreaming and Not Dreaming
  • 23 Limiting Beliefs
  • 24 Dax Shephard’s interview with Tom Silver in March Link
  • 25 What do you coach as?
  • 26 What is ICF and how do you get started?
  • 27 Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions
  • 28 Morning ritual 
  • 29 What other changes did you observe by doing TM for all these years.
  • 30 The Power of NOW
  • 31 what do people never ask you and you wish they did?
  • 32 Can we see anybody without ANY judgement?
  • 33 If you could go back in your career/life what would you like to change?
  • 34 When you think of a successful person who comes to your mind?
  • 35 Any purchase between 100-300$ that impacted your life in a positive way?
  • 36 What is one advice that you will give to younger Bita Saleh
  • 37 Did you have a mentor or a coach in this journey of dentistry?
  • 38 Giant billboard , what message would you give to everyone 
  • 39 One thing you are excited about, change your mind about and something absurd  

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