Dr. Gina Dorfman: From Nowhere To Multiple Dental Offices to CEO: Session 22


          Dont't Be Too Hard On Yourself
                                                                                                        Delegate The Outcome Not The Tasks

Thank you for checking out ##POD Podcasts of Dentistry session number 22.  Today we have a very cheerful and a perky guest and is not only a dentist but also a CEO of an award-winning Dental software company called YAPI.
Yes we are talking about doctor Gina Dorfman.

This interview is unlike any of her other interviews.it is not only very lively, which can be infectious but also a story of a young girl from nowhere to becoming a CEO of an award-winning software company called YAPI.

We talked about her journey to open multiple dental offices and reaching a fork to decide between a DSO and YAPI.

For those interested in day-to-day operations we did discuss systems in office, hiring and firing process, when to hire an associate and how to keep the assistants productive and happy.

For those interested in the business aspect of YAPI we discussed the growth, trajectory, milestones and finally funding by Angel Investors from the company called Growth 33
Find out about what a vivid vision is all about.
What makes YAPI a different kind of a company and Loan directly from the CEO of the company.

Gina opens her heart about the company answer key about herself through our Tim Ferriss inspired questions.

This is an inspiring story and a happy interview with Dr. Gina Dorfman.
I hope you have fun as much as I did.

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SO… without further Ado dr. Gina Dorfman.

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  • Show Notes:
  • Journey from Soviet Union
  • Who is Mopsie?
  • Interseting story of Dental Town
  • How did you have so much confidence to start an office within 2 years of graduation
  • Story of the other two office
  • How do you keep associates productive enough/ with great bedside manners?
  • Dont be average, Its boring.
  • Team Management: How did you handle the Invisalign case that was trashed
  • Good Employees: What is the overarching reason for employees to stay forever
  • Favorite coach Article
  • Top 3 qualities to hire the team member
  • Interview process at Yapi
  • What is YAPI?\
  • Start up story of YAPI
  • Where did you get the initial technical know how to launch YAPI
  • How much time it took to develop the alpha or beta phase of YAPI
  • What was your feeling when you were shipping the product YAPI ?
  • Milestones of YAPI
  • Initial Marketing of YAPI
  • Funding for YAPI and process of getting your own funding
  • Where do you see YAPI in next 3 years/5years
  • What is VIVID vision
  • What motivates you so much to do so much?
  • How to delegate?
  • Tim Ferris Inspired Questions

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