Dr. Steven Mautner: Recession Proof No Nonsense Dentistry: Session 21


           Dentistry is Common Sense

Thank you for tuning into #POD– Podcasts of Dentistry. This is session #21. 

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Today I have Dr. Steven Mautner.

We actually call him “Witty Mauty”

Dr. Mauty has what I call as “Recession Proof No Nonsense Practice”.

We talk all about his successful practice model in detail in this podcast

This practice model is not for everybody but it certainly is one of the successful models of practicing dentistry. 

Hear his story and philosophy of how he runs such a practice. 

Dr. Mauty is like a rebel. and he proves that by sharing all such interesting stories. 

He shares so many funny quips throughout the podcast that you will laugh all about it. 

We really had a lot of fun . We even talked about having a Dental Roast someday. I know who we would invite to be roasted but lets leave that for another podcast. 

He is an outspoken dentist and contends that actually should use a lot of common sense to solve the common problems. 

He is very vocal about his divorce, mistakes he did and what fellow dentists should keep in mind before getting hitched or even after. 

He shares all the practical advice not only for dentistry but also personal and common life situations  and so on. 

He certainly talks about his book with Dr. Emily Letran Session #19..

The Book is called No Nonsense Dentistry.. 

He is the fun part of the book but I have to agree there is some truth to it. 

Of course we talk all about Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions. 

This has become one of the classic episodes in dentistry. 

I am sure you will enjoy the podcast the way I did.

So without further ado,

Dr. Mauty @Session 21

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Show Notes:

  • EFDAs allowed in Florida
  • Enjoying your Day off?
  • Rest of the year off joke. and how dentists complicate simple things
  • Thought process of being a Witty Mauty
  • Did you ever get in trouble with such jokes
  • Any example when you did get in trouble?
  • Trouble with DentalTown
  • Dentists Are Biggest Babies Quote
  • Love Lisa Lampanelli
  • Link Roasts are My true Personalities
  • Dental Roast and who could come in?
  • Did you always want to be famous?
  • Nacho vs Sphagetti Who Won?
  • How did you come up with Mauty’s Blog?
  • What is your typical day in the office looks like?
  • How do you keep your staff motivated to keep working?
  • Paper charts and why he is still sticking with it.
  • How are you able to offer additional discounts in your plan when your rates are already so low?
  • What other marketing that you are doing for your office
  • Change of mindset for the recent grads about creating wealth
  • Talk about the implant procedure and how you keep pricing half?
  • Talk about Divorce
  • How did you handle yourself emotionally when going through Divorce
  • What did you talk to yourself about divorce
  • Talk about your own Book No Nonsense Dentistry
  • Who is the target audience for your book
  • Share some funny quotes for all team members that you used in the book?
  • Your perfect life in the book?
  • How did you handle the paper rejection that you received from one of the patients
  • Should you worry about Google Reviews
  • Tim Ferris Inspired Questions

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