Dr. Kyle Stanley: Journey from Celebrity Dentist To Youngest Speaker To Artificial Intelligence PEARL


           Your Identity is not BEING a Dentist
                                                                                                          Nobody Looks Back And Says I Wish I Had Worked More Hours

Intro Kyle Stanley 


Thank you for finding time to listen to session # 20 @hashtag pod podcast of dentistry and I’m your host Dr. Panks Dhingra. You can find all the notes and link to the session at podcastsofdentistry.com/session20. 

Today our guest is dr. Kyle Stanley

His Bio reads something like this. 

Dr. Kyle Stanley, was named as “The Next Generation of Cosmetic Dentistry” by the AACD in 2015 and “Top 10 Young Educators in Dentistry” by the Seattle Study Club, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and then completed a dental implant residency along with a dental implant specialty in Brazil. While at USC, Dr. Stanley completed an Esthetic mini-residency with a world leader, Dr. Pascal Magne, and was honored with the Charles L. Pincus Award for outstanding achievements in esthetic dentistry by the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is also a dedicated researcher who has published in some of the top international dental journals about topics relating to esthetics, dental implants, and smile design. Dr. Stanley is a KOL for many well-respected companies and has presented on five continents as a highly in-demand speaker. Dr. Stanley is the leading advocate of mental health in dentistry. He maintains an exclusive private practice in Beverly Hills, CA


That is a long list of achievements for this guy. 


In our podcast, he talks about his experience with GIDE and shares his experience of how to go about starting your own implant journey


I believe he’s a perfect example of luck and hard work coming together in a very successful way.


We also touch on successful implant Concepts like zero bone loss and the world renowned The lip Factor.


We certainly talk about his AI company called PEARL, the effect of a AI or Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry as a profession and the future of Dentistry because of AI


By now you might feel anxious,

 at least I was, listening to and hearing about his accomplishment in such a short span of time that I had to humanize him. There were few emotional moments and that clearly shows the human side of him. 


We continue towards the end by asking my favorite Tim Ferris Inspired questions.

In the end, 

I really loved the spirit of inspiration, entrepreneurship, humility and vision.

I hope you love this evergreen podcast the way I did, so without further Ado doctor Kyle Stanley. 



Show Notes:

  • Interview WIth Howard Farran Link
  • What is Kyle Stanley’s Story? 
  • Implant Residency in Brazil. Link University of Santa Catarina
  • How did he meet Dr. Najad, his partner In Beverly Hills
  • Meeting Dr. Helm 
  • City of Florianopolis , implant residency Santa Catarina.. pictures and links please of the city
  • Who is the second mentor?
  • Triad Of Mentors
  • What is GIDE? 
  • Where can they start their Implant journey
  • People Link: Thomas Linkovich for zero Bone concept
  • DrKyleStanley.com information about the courses
  • Digital Dentistry Institute to do Hands on courses
  • Dr. Justin Moody Implant Pathway Program and link to his podcast
  • How did you get involved with Digital Dentistry Institute and Christian Coachman
  • Youngest speaker in the Seattle Study club> How did you get involved with them
  • Share your audition day at Seattle Study club
  • How did you meet Christian Coachman
  • What is the LIP factor? 
  • Where could we learn something like that or someone who is NOT at Seattle Study Club etc 
  • Do we need to stabilize the patient before  we do the DSD.. 
  • What guided system do you use?
  • Entrepreneur Journey with PEARL
  • What did you learn the most from your friend/patient/CEO Ophir
  • in next 10 years, what part of the dentistry will be done by AI 
  • Will there be any Celebrity dentists in the next 10 Years? 
  • What practical applications are coming in PEARL or AI in next 5 years
  • What other AI companies you are attached to like XNAV.. what is XNAV and new developments
  • What is your typical week like?
  • How do you say NO to someone or any speaking engagement?
  • How did you curb your Ambition?
  • What is your definition of happiness?
  • Morning Ritual
  • If you could go back and change one career decision what would that be?
  • Hardest decision you had to take in the past year or two
  • Books you have read, inspired or recommended the most?
  • what other podcasts you listen to
  • What do you like to do the most in clinical dentistry?
  • What do people never ask you that you wished that they did?
  • What is one habit that makes you successful? 
  • How do you talk yourself into UNLEARN what you have learned to improve yourself?
  • Giant Billboard question
  • What have you changed your minds on ?
  • Absurd thing that you do  

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