Dr. Kianor Shah: The Journey To Autonomy, Freedom and Unifying Dentists: Session 2


      You have to be different to be successful
       Efficiency,Efficacy and Better systems

Welcome to #POD- PODcasts Of Dentistry.

Todays Guest is None Other Than Dr.Kianor Shah. He shares his The Journey To Autonomy, Freedom and Unifying Dentists

 He shares how he got his 50K followers, his typical week/month, his way of being most productive both at work and businesses, his reasons of working on the businesses like Implant Extraction Academy and Global Summit 2020, his motivation to do MBA being a dentist, his definition and experience of business, his passionate opinion about Corporate Dentistry and DSOs, his successes his failures, his quotes, advices to younger self and our favorite Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions

I hope you enjoy the Show as much as I do.


links in the session



Show Notes:

  • How did you get 50K Followers
  • Typical Week/Month
  • What businesses you have and why?
  • Journey of Implants
  • Typical day in a dentists office
  • There is nothing naive about business

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