Dr. Emily Letran: Fundamental Pillars Of Mindset and ACTION To WIN: Session 19


          Balance is being happy      

Thank you for tuning into a #POD podcast of Dentistry session number 19. 

This is a special episode today as I believe it is a foundational session in learning how to handle things not only in dentistry but in life. 

She is a high-performance coach who is always gearing us towards action to win.
Yes you guessed it right, 

Her name is Dr. Emily Letran at dremilyletran.com 

She’s not only a high performance Coach but also a speaker, prolific writer and running two dental offices in California along with being a mom of three kids.

I really don’t know how she does what she does. and this is where we dug deep into to figure out how she’s able to handle all of it.

She’s also the author of several books including no-nonsense Dentistry with Dr. Steven Mauty

All the links of the books and other important links will be in the show notes at podcastsofdentistry.com/emily

She specifically talks about all the pillars of her coaching like Clarity energy courage productivity and not to mention influence. We really dive deep into the mindset of this successful coach. 

She shares her story, her mentors, books she had been most influenced with and recommend to read. 

She specifically talks about the intentional concept, her secrets of success, balancing life and work, importance of sleep and not to mention some uncommon answers to common problems.

We of course talk about Tim Ferris inspired questions including some absurd or funny things that she does…..you will certainly feel connected to her

If you really delve deep in to the tenets of her coaching  then this interview may change your mind how to handle things not only in dentistry but also in life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pillars of her mindset, taking decisions and certainly growing with it.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Lets Welcome Dr. Emily Letran. 



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