Dr. Howard Farran: Journey From Todays (Dental) To DentalTown To Uncensored Farran: Session 18


           Its not what you know but WITH WHO you know
Focus and choose your battle correctly 
Listen to patients and make yourself available
Always look out for next big thing

#POD is really honored and happy to bring a guest who needs no introduction.
Today we have the legendary Howard Farran

Dr. Howard Farran is not only a practicing dentist but also a consultant a world-class speaker, lecturer, author, podcaster and above all a visionary.

His vision started with today’s Dental his dental office and dental town.
His vision continued later with hygiene town and Orthotown

He has been ranked among the 32 most influential people in dentistry by Edge magazine in 2017

I have to say he’s the one of the first few social media down celebrities with tens and thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. 
This is indeed a special podcast with the most research I ever did.

There is so much to learn from dr. Howard for all that these two hours can never do justice.

I tried to unravel some great Concepts to delve deep into his mindset.
One thing that this podcast will inspire you is that we need to learn how to think out of the box and how he was able to exemplify exactly that.

We talked about raising successful kids and how we can instill a similar successful mindset like his own maybe in our own kids.

Moving away from kids we had to talk about business and the DSOs.
Did he say that he is starting his own DSO or did he say why is that not even possible? Judge it for yourself.

I tried to unravel his journey of being such an outspoken uncensored speaker. How he did that how much hard work was put in it?
Yeah of course talk about the DentalTown and the future of DentalTown

COVID-19 through the crystal gaze of Howard Farran was not to be left behind ofcourse

He discussed his stop bullet points how to manage people time and money from his best-selling book in Dentistry Uncensored.

He shared what is the number one Addiction on Earth and what I call as the casket test.

Due to lack of time and so much to cover we could not tell them to Tim Ferriss inspired questions they will be recorded and released at a future date.

Please listen to the podcast filled with humor knowledge history experience and above all versions of a visionary.

I hope you enjoy this legendary podcast with Dr. Howard Farran

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Show Notes:

  • Thanking him to come in
  • Listen to Dr. Farran’s interviews
  • Where did my hair go?
  • Love the name #POD
  • Whole idea of #POD
  • Update podcast to Dentaltown
  • Who is Dr. Howard Farran
  • Who is Howard Farran TODAY????
  • Recognize pattern
  • Book reading I am a Dentist
  • Biggest Mindtrips: Secret to the Temples: book
  • Howard Farran 30 sec or less
  • Thinking out of the box
  • How re you teaching to your own kids the same Out of the box
  • Did you face any resistance with your boys to live in luxury?
  • What kind of dental office like to build today?
  • Why not your own DSO?
  • Are you hinting that you are starting your own DSO
  • Explaining the layers of DSO
  • Why DSO’s are booming?
  • Isn’t that’s what Capitalist Society means?
  • First interesting gig in NY
  • Joke about grammatical errors and dentists with Ten Commandments
  • Did Howard say he is crazy?
  • How did you get your second gig?
  •  Talks about building a better brand vs more profits for speaking gigs
  • Genesis of DT
  • Is DT profitable?
  • Where is DT finally heading to
  • Dentistry and COVID-19 Future
  • Owning a dental office is like chained to Madman: twitter?
  • 3 things in your book Dentistry Uncensored, Low hanging fruit, to manage People, Time and money
  • Story of how he wrote his book Dentistry Uncensored and why?
  • What is Casket Test? His mother taught him.
  • #1 Addiction now.
  • Mindset of other dentists and what can they do to be open minded and be as successful as you.ow

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