Jason Luchtefeld: From Leadership To Awareness To Fulfilling Life: Session 17


         Less debt, more freedom
Start with smaller goals
Go get experience
 Just get shit done
Know when enough is enough

Jason Luchtefeld: Leadership, Awareness , Fulfillment of life. 

Thank you for finding time and listing to #POD: Podcasts Of Dentistry.

You could have spent hours watching or listening to HBO or Netflix and it is indeed an honor that you decided to spend time with our podcast

Today we have very wide-ranging conversations with a very humble and a reflecting speaker Dr. Jason Luchtefeld. 

Dr. Jason is a COO and a Senior VP of Inspero at Insperoteam.com. INSPERO is a distinctive community of impact creators and conscious leaders which aim to breathe hope in dentistry. 

He also has a practice in Illinois which has a very unique team and setup. I would say that setup seems like a dream set up in terms of balancing life and dentistry, many of you might even be attracted to set up your office that way. 

This podcast will touch you at so many levels that you will be surprised

We talk about business growth leadership health and above reflecting some core values and vision.

This podcast will force you to think and reflect what you are who you are what do you want out of life and how to be fulfilled not only financially but also emotionally.

We talked about health, and how to handle stresses in dentistry and life both physical or mental

We also talk about some vain stuff like shoes and Whiskey on one hand and on the other hand we talked about how to achieve goals in life.

There are so many books and nuggets sprinkled in the podcast that you will be compelled to make notes of them.
I certainly have made notes with a lot of homework to do.

The podcast does start a tad slow since we are setting up the foundation but please keep patience and you will not be disappointed…


So without further Ado Dr. Jason Luchtefeld.

links in the session



Show Notes:

  • About business growth, leadership health and his core values and vision.
  • Learn how to be fulfilled not only financially as well as emotionally.
  • How to handle stress in dentistry.
  • Shoes and Whiskey
  • How to achieve goals in life.
  • Tim Ferris Inspired Questions.

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