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Intro Lynne Leggett

Thank you for tuning into yet another dental podcast at #POD – podcast of Dentistry
This is session number 16 which can be accessed at 16

#POD strives to be a podcast where we try to unearth the smallest details of all the successful entrepreneurs in dentistry.

Today we have yet another special guest Miss Lynne Leggett.

You have to hear this podcast if you want to listen to someone who is full of enthusiasm, positivity and who would encourage you to be successful.
This is indeed an inspiring podcast.
She is not only a consultant at her company Victory Dental Management but also an author of the book “You Can’t Coach Quit.”

We go into great details of her journey from the pharmacy tech to being authentic Dental consultant.

She has been a successful basketball coach all her life and she shares how her experience in coaching help solve layers and layers of the critical issues in teams and take dentists to a flourishing career.

She is very relatable and I think the biggest vibe you will get is that she’s very honest and of course inspiring.

We also talked about HOW to actually think about Mission Vision and core values with examples

She not only shares her success stories but also her hardships in life both personal and professional.
By the time you’re finished listening to the podcast you will certainly be filled with positivity and inspiration.

Of course we talked about my version of Tim Ferriss inspired questions, my favorite part of the whole podcast.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did

So without further Ado Miss Lynn Leggett.



Show Notes:

  • She discusses about her basketball journey.
  • Her interesting story how she got into dentistry.
  • Her journey from pharmacy chain to Victory Dental Management.
  • Her Mission and Vision in dental office and how to implement in office.
  • What made her write book “You Can’t Coach Quit.”
  • Advice for dentists during COVID-19.
  • Tim Ferris Inspired Questions.

Supported By:

This podcast is supported by  Squadcast

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