Ian McNickle: Journey from Bankrupt Goldmine to Award-winning WEO Media To The DSO Project: Session 15


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Hello POD Nation this is your host Dr. Panks Dhingra and welcome to Hashtag POD in session #15. today we have yet another great dental podcast.

Today we have Mr Ian McNickle- the author of the book Mastering Practice Growth Definitive Guide To Growing your dental practice or dental group.

This is indeed a very special podcast because I get to talk to mister Ian McNickle who shares his roller coaster ride of a journey.

Mr. Ian shares his story of establishing one of the biggest and award winning company called as WEO Media which caters to the need of dentists and big d s O’s all around the country.

This podcast takes a few minutes to warm up but then Mr Ian actually opens up with his inspiring story. There is a lot of shared knowledge, education, and entrepreneurial spirit that will inspire you to do something big like him.

He talks in great lent about how he set up his weo Media Company and ended up winning Best in Class Rewards from humble beginnings.

Then of course we talked about DSO project.
In all the conversations he not only shares his experiences of weo media but also the foundational questions why to even think about setting up of a DSO.

If you are even remotely interested to setup your own DSO this podcast will help you answer a few of those fundamental questions and the path that you should take or not take to set up your own DSO.

Ian also predict how long does this winning streak of DSO’s will actually continue and how quickly you should act one way or the other.

Please also note this podcast was recorded Pre-Covid-19 so use your judgement wisely.

We talked all topics pertaining to social media, marketing kpis culture team success and so on.

He of course also shared his mentors and how he did what he did.

He shows his secret of being successful, and his source of Happiness, his sense of achievement and everything in between. He shares so much value that you will want to take some notes like I did.

I always love to Deep dive in Tim ferris inspired questions and as usual those questions brought in a great understanding and mindset of Ian.
gosh there’s so much we all can learn and Implement from this podcast

Let’s welcome Mr Ian McNickle for session 15 at #POD



Show Notes:

  • His story of establishing weomedia
  • His knowledge, education, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • How he set up weomedia and ended up best in class rewards
  • DSO project
  • How to pertain social media, marketing KPI’s, culture, team success
  • McNickle mentors and how he did everything
  • Tim Ferris Inspired Questions.

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