Raghunath Puttaiah: COVID-19 What Should We Do, Prevention, Reality Checks and Future of Dentistry: Session 10


           Next 2-4 weeks will predict where is US heading for the COVID virus. 

Today is a very Special episode about what we are facing–Yes.. you guessed it right- COVID-19.

I am bringing you an expert in exactly that.His name is Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah.

He has long list of achievements and I would only say this– what he talks about is based on the solid foundation. 

If you are interested to know more about his credentials, please listen to first few minutes where talks about that. If you already know him you might want to skip for few minutes before getting in to the meat of the conversation. 

The podcast has a lot of information and was recorded 2 days ago on 18 March 2020. so some numbers mentioned will certainly change. Please keep in mind while taking decisions based on the information on this podcast. 

Dr. Puttaiah shares all the basic information about Viruses, their Origin, very briefly but spends quite a bit of time explaining what should be done to prevent such a thing. He talks about flattening the curve and what is coming in next few weeks.

We do get carried away partying like a Punjabi (an ethnoliguistic group from people of Punjab, a state in India known for partying and good food ) and have some fun moments in this otherwise morbid topic. 

We have also posted a Mindmap of COVID-19 at PodcastsOfDentistry.com/covidmindmap

I hope we all can learn adapt and take adequate steps from this great conversation to tide across this pandemic together. 

For any discussions, please do reach out to us at PodcastsOfDentistry.com/facebook.

Without further Ado…

Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah 



Show Notes:

  • Download COVID-19 Mindmap: This mindmap shows all the bullet points discussed. 

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This podcast is supported by Rocketbook. 

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