Dr. Bill Williams: The Journey From Fearless Student To Mentor Of Mentors To Rewiring: Session 1


           If it's been done, it's probably possible."
"Seek like minded people and inspire each other"
"Staff is only going to rise to YOUR level of expectations"
"Never Settle For Average"

Welcome to #POD- PODcasts Of Dentistry.

Todays Guest is None Other Than Dr. Bill Williams. He shares his Journey from being a student to the Mentor of Mentors and Rewiring/Retirement. 

He shares a lot of information that can help the New Associates or owners or seasoned dentists managers and everyone in between. He talks about his traits, his training, Mentors, his new patient experience, his take on marketing, how he is able to attract patients who can buy great dentistry, what he wants to do next, how he is thinking of retiring or rewiring, what he his excited about and my very favorite Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions. 

I hope you enjoy the Show as much as I do.




Show Notes:

  • Bill Shares his Story
  •  How he was able to do more dentistry than his peers
  • How his growing up in Cub Scout and why should kids be in one of those scouts to be successful
  • Who is Alex Middleton?
  • How did he meet his mentor, Omar Reed
  • What CE courses he wants the new associates to learn to be as successful as him?
  •  All the coaches he used in his life 
  • What is his rule of Team of 10’s and What is readiness and willingness has to do with success of the team and the office
  • Happiness = Willingness + Readiness
  • What language you speak to the patients to convince them to do what you want them to do?
  • What is Marketing? (Hint: it is actually Branding)
  • My Mantra of “Success Breeds Success”
  • What is his New Patient Experience?
  • What is a Well Defined Day at his office that is always more productive?
  • Qualities that he would look in an associate?
  • What is his 5M Mastermind and who is it for?
  • What does he mean by “Faith Based Dentist”?
  • Definition of Success?
  • Renu 28
  • Advice to Younger Self
  • And Tim Ferris Inspired Questions 

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